M other Teresa Charitable Trust (MTCT) and its execution wing Mother Teresa Forum (MTF) has emerged as one of the most effective poverty alleviation organization in the country. Starting with relief and rehabilitation role, we have vastly expanded our programs and proved to bring effective changes in the society. We are mostly involved in design and implementation of direct action oriented projects at the grassroot level, often combined with research, training and other components. Our target populations are generally the poor and the downtrodden.

To achieve a unified and ultimate goal in poverty alleviation and human resource development, an ideal sacrifice and service is needed in this fragile situation.

Awareness and Implementation of Govt. Programs for Rural Development.

We work in coordination with the state and Central governments for the protection and promotion of the rural public thereby developing the community as a whole.

An Entrepreneurship Development Program (45 days free training) on food processing sponsored by Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India was conducted at Dharmapuri , Krishnakiri, Chennai Madurai and Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu.

We reached around 250 young people (Male/Female) in the region and all our beneficiaries were unemployed youth.

Health Education:

We work on the need for basic health care in villages – housing primary health clinics, safe drinking water, latrine facilities etc. Knowledge on basic health and hygiene are taught for women and adolesant girls. We conduct regular Health camps, Eye camps, Dental camps and Blood donation camps at different parts of India. Like minded health professionals and hospitals work with MTCT in these projects.

Promotion of Income:

We provide micro credit for self help groups which would enable them to create income by starting petty business, poultry We also work with agricultural farmers by financing them for procurement, marketing or sales of their products.

Building Self Awareness and Confidence:

MTCT continuously works to create awareness among the public regarding human rights violations, gender discriminations, religious discriminations, terrorism, anti social elements and corruption.

We have recently launched an “Anticorruption awareness programme” and proposed to form committees in all the Taluks/zones which works with the motto of “Getting and giving Bribe is a sin”. For this we enroll a five member committee in each Taluk/zone throughout India.

Educational Developments:

Our aim is to provide socio economic, educational, cultural and political training to upgrade the status, talents and leadership quality of the poor kids.

The principal focus of our Educational Development program is to ensure quantum and visible improvement in the enrolment and learning levels of the underprivileged children. We work to eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education.


MTCT has always helped needy people in home improvements to bring concrete houses, bathrooms, kitchens, clean drinking water, electricity etc.

We always put forth helping hands to communities who lose their hutments in natural calamities like fire, water, tsunami etc. Our on going project is at Kanniamman Nagar of Moorai Panchayat near Chennai. We are also in need of sponsors who could help us to go forward in our project, in converting 1100 thatched huts into concrete buildings.

Women Empowerment:

MTCT aims to bring about the social and economic betterment of women. Our core mechanism was women’s Self help Groups (SHG) which was set up with both financial and community action objectives.

Global Warming:

Since the inception, MTCT has been helping communities around the world planting trees. We encourage planting trees that protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations.

We conduct seminars and campaigns on environmental protection, educating students and communities about global issues.

Patronize poor students:

MTCT strongly believes that the only way to ensure a better future is by educating children that is because education is both the means as well as the end- it empowers children and evolve them as better citizens.

Our new scheme “Save a child” launched recently will enable poor children help break the vicious cycle of poverty and will benefit a child for a lifetime.

“We can do no great things only small things
with great love”.

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